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Why Choose Thinkally

Some Awesome features of Thinkally

In-Built School Fees Payment Gateway

School Fees payment has never been easier. Who says parents should not be thrilled with your innovation. Thinkally's Accounting System was built with you in mind

School Fees Loans

Say goodbye to Debts and Debtors in school. Instead Of Parents Owing You, SOF Pays The School, Parent Pays Back Monthly! School is able to collect all it's school fees in bulk at once, and will not have headaches collecting school fees

Computer Based Testing (CBT) Module

The CBT Module For e-examinations gives Thinkally a edge over most of its mates. Teachers set e-exams, students take them. Instant result sheets

GDPR Complaint

No one adheres to modern standards like we do. The world is a global village, and that includes education too Need help? We are just a call away.

We're on Android And iOS

With the launch of the thinkally android and ios applications, Thinkally stole the game and became Nigeria's most sought after school software

E-Learning, E-library, Media Sharing

Thinkally is equipped with 21st century learning tools that enhance children's reception and help the teacher focus more on quality delivery

Robust Attendance System

Thinkally will not only detail attendance for students, but also for every user, teachers, accountants, admins, even visitors can be tracked with the system

Time-Tables, Assignments, and Much More

No one adheres to modern standards like we do. The world is a global village, and that includes education too Need help? We are just a call away.


We're Unique

Thinkally is a very robust and universal all-encompassing digital schools management system. Not just a single software, but a group of beautifully designed and integrated software modules that’ll de-mystify and digitally solve every single aspect of school management.

Thinkally has been developed around the four major stakeholders in the administration of any school – Parents, Students, Staff and the Society. Its goal is to be satisfactorily usable by any of these stakeholders with no difficulty whatsoever. Thinkally works pretty much for schools just as the banking software work for banks and can be deployed for nursery, primary, secondary or even tertiary institutions

Important Pages

Videos To Get you started Right Away


How To create Online Exams, and Schedule Students To Take Them

With Thinkally, teachers easily create exam banks that allow thousands of examination questions. Students are also scheduled to take these exams. This module can be adapted to be used for teachers’ interview tests.

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How To Create School Bills Invoices And Make Payment Online

The first thing to do when setting up the payment system is to automatically prepare the students’ bills. This process takes few minutes. These bills are invoices which can either be marked as paid, or actually be paid online by parents.

Awesome Support

How To Add Assignments and How To Access Submitted Assignments

The system allows teachers to upload their assignments in any format. Students login with their own details to access it and download the assignments. The solved assignments can also be uploaded back onto the portal for teachers to score.

Plans & Pricing

Choose the pricing Right for you

Also Includes Tracking of Parents' Payment Behaviour
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Hear what they have to say about Us!

"Thinkally is quite robust and complete. It even helps market the school. We use it for prospective students who come for entrance exams. The upgraded version even comes more loaded."
Mr Afofolabi
Head, ICT, Alesta Academy, Lekki
"I really love this software. It's indeed the best we've come across so far. Since switching to Thinkally, our parents have not ceased to pour in their positive feedbacks concerning it."
Mrs Ojurongbe
Director, Opeyemi Schools, Badagry
"Thinkally comes with great customer support. We've been using it for 4 years and the experience has been .awesome. I recommend Thinkally for every school. It's the best in Nigeria"
Mr Balogun
Proprietor, Andus'Dgreat Schools, Lagos

FAQS on Thinkally

Teacher do not need to come to school. That's the essence of the package. They stream from their phones or preferably laptop from home i n a well dressed room with white light.
Very easy. Your account starts running 4 days after subscription
You don't need any special gadgets. A basic smart phone with good internet is okay. You could make use of your laptop web cam too.
We can begin today. If payment is made today, we take a few days to set up your account and put your personal through. Online.
The package has been really simplified. Thinkally is very easy to use. There's a short 10 minutes video that put's you right on track. There's also 24/7 dedicated support for your school software admin.
All other premium features of thinkally namely:

✅1. Admissions
✅2. Clean Interactive Dashboard
✅3. Graphical Charts
✅4. Students Portal
✅5. Teachers Portal
✅6. Parents Portal
✅7. Unlimited User Groups
✅8. Complete User Management
✅9. Exams Management
✅10. Online Exams – CBT (Computer Based Testing)
✅10. Attendance
✅11. Time – Table
✅12. Dynamic Grading System
✅13. Exams Management
✅14. Assignment
✅15. Accounts
✅16. Auto Invoicing/Billing/Receipts
✅17. Online Payments
✅18. Emails
✅19. Bulk SMS
✅20. Library Management
✅21. E-Library
✅22. E-Learning
✅23. Transport Management
✅24. Inventory Management
✅25. Assets Management
✅26. Multi-Annex Management
✅27. Media Sharing
✅28. Internal Messaging App(Social Media)
✅29. Notice Management
✅30. 14 Different Languages
✅31. Syllabus Management
✅32. Visitor Management
✅33. Complaints Management
✅34. Salary Template System
✅35. Income & Expenditure
✅36. Over 100 Different Reports
✅37. Certificate Generator 👇👇👇👇👇
✅39. IOS MOBILE APP 👆👆👆👆👆👆 ✅40. SCRATCH CARDS – On Request

✅41. 24/7 SUPPORT
Teachers upload questions and specify the options and correct option

Questions could be multiple choice, single choice or even fill in the blanks

Exams are scheduled with time and students login to take the tests/exams.

Their time ticks down and logs them out when time is up.

Results are generated instantly.

It works pretty much like the jamb CBT or other external exams CBT.
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