Yes! And it’s free. We have comprehensive videos that walk you through all of the software

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Yes! You can actually earn up to N200,000 monthly by selling Thinkally. Here’s how you calculate your earning. You earn a whooping 30% of the very first termly payment made by every school you bring. The more schools you bring, the more you earn.

So if you sell the Silver Package to a school with 200 children at N300 per child, that’s N60,000 and 30% of that is N18,000. It you sell to 6 of such schools in a month, you earn N108,000. Now even if you only get to sell to 15 of such schools in a term, it means you earn N270,000 in that term. The more schools you sell to, the more you earn.

Here’s A Nice Proposal To Present To Your Clients

This is not an affiliate marketing arrangement as Thinkally is A Software Development company with several obligations which include satisfying the customers and giving them 2/47 support at all costs to the schools. You are not going to be responsible for that, we are. So You earn only on the first termly payment of the schools you bring. To continue earning, you keep bringing schools. In 2018, Thinkally hit the one million students mark, and now we have more than one million students currently using Thinkally.

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The Thinkally Platinum package of N700 per child per term qualifies your school for a coding programme. The senior students will be taken through the following

  1. Basics Of HTML
  2. Elementary Web Designing
  3. Web programming

All Students will own their own websites at the end of the programme

Pls call +234-803-6946-2143 for terms and conditions

Installation is FREE. All you pay is the subscription fee per child per term. See The pricing page HERE

Yes, the software works with all devices – be it mobile phone, or desktop

Thinkally is completely online, we do not install on your computers. As a matter of fact, the software will still work for you if you have no computers. Your teachers can use their phones and tablets

Absolutely! Your school data is safe. Thinkally employs cutting edge internet security measures and you have nothing to worry about. More than 1,000 schools trust us and that’s why we’re the largest school management software in NIgeris

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