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How It Works

  • We provide the platform and enroll all your teachers and students.
  • Your teachers upload lessons on the platform and students login to take them.
  • Students can live-chat teachers for interaction.
  • Teachers can also set assignments, and e-tests
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How To Get Started

1. You make your order by checking the pricing below
2. We’ll need your school name, email, address, phone, slogan and logo to create your customized school account in less than 1hr after payment
3. We then send you excel file formats to collect details of your students and
4. We enrol all your students and teachers
5. You start using Thinkally

40+ More Features

✅ Media Sharing
✅Online Results/PDF Downloads
✅ Online Exams – CBT (Computer Based Testing)
✅ Time-Table & Attendance Modules
✅ Exams Management
✅ Online Assignment
✅ Auto Invoicing/Billing/Receipts
✅ Online Payments
 & Documents Upload
✅ Library Management
✅ LiveChat
✅ Notice Management
✅35. Explainer Training Videos
✅36. Reports Dedicated Support

Pricing For Nursery, Primary, Secondary Schools, Colleges, Polythecnics, Universities, Academies and Training Outfits
Also Includes Tracking of Parents' Payment Behaviour
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FAQS on Thinkally

Teacher do not need to come to school. That's the essence of the package. They stream from their phones or preferably laptop from home i n a well dressed room with white light.
Very easy. Your account starts running 4 days after subscription
You don't need any special gadgets. A basic smart phone with good internet is okay. You could make use of your laptop web cam too.
We can begin today. If payment is made today, we take a few days to set up your account and put your personal through. Online.
The package has been really simplified. Thinkally is very easy to use. There's a short 10 minutes video that put's you right on track. There's also 24/7 dedicated support for your school software admin.
All other premium features of thinkally namely:

✅1. Admissions
✅2. Clean Interactive Dashboard
✅3. Graphical Charts
✅4. Students Portal
✅5. Teachers Portal
✅6. Parents Portal
✅7. Unlimited User Groups
✅8. Complete User Management
✅9. Exams Management
✅10. Online Exams – CBT (Computer Based Testing)
✅10. Attendance
✅11. Time – Table
✅12. Dynamic Grading System
✅13. Exams Management
✅14. Assignment
✅15. Accounts
✅16. Auto Invoicing/Billing/Receipts
✅17. Online Payments
✅18. Emails
✅19. Bulk SMS
✅20. Library Management
✅21. E-Library
✅22. E-Learning
✅23. Transport Management
✅24. Inventory Management
✅25. Assets Management
✅26. Multi-Annex Management
✅27. Media Sharing
✅28. Internal Messaging App(Social Media)
✅29. Notice Management
✅30. 14 Different Languages
✅31. Syllabus Management
✅32. Visitor Management
✅33. Complaints Management
✅34. Salary Template System
✅35. Income & Expenditure
✅36. Over 100 Different Reports
✅37. Certificate Generator 👇👇👇👇👇
✅39. IOS MOBILE APP 👆👆👆👆👆👆 ✅40. SCRATCH CARDS – On Request

✅41. 24/7 SUPPORT
Teachers upload questions and specify the options and correct option

Questions could be multiple choice, single choice or even fill in the blanks

Exams are scheduled with time and students login to take the tests/exams.

Their time ticks down and logs them out when time is up.

Results are generated instantly.

It works pretty much like the jamb CBT or other external exams CBT.
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